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News Releases

Request Louisiana state income tax filing extensions before the May 15 filing deadline...Continue Reading


BATON ROUGE – Louisiana taxpayers who need more time to file their state individual income taxes must submit their extension requests before the May 15, 2019, filing deadline. Failure to request an extension before the deadline can result in late-filing penalties.


Extension requests can be submitted electronically at


An extension provides more time to prepare and file a Louisiana individual income tax return. It does not grant additional time to pay any taxes due. Tax payments received after the May 15 deadline are subject to interest and late-payment penalties.



Protect tax records and financial documents from weather-related threats...Continue Reading


BATON ROUGE – To mark National Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 5-11), the Louisiana Department of Revenue encourages taxpayers to protect their tax records and other financial documents from flood damage and other weather-related threats.


“A few simple steps can help to minimize hardship and confusion in the aftermath of a storm,” Secretary of Revenue Kimberly Lewis Robinson said. “There is no substitute for being prepared.”


Keep documents secure

Paper records are especially vulnerable to water damage. Protect these documents by placing them in airtight plastic containers or zip closure bags, and moving them out of harm’s way.

Scan important records such as tax returns, payroll records and insurance documents into an electronic format. Many commercially available home printers include scanning features.


Use paperless media & cloud storage

Save electronic records to portable storage media such as flash memory drives and store them in waterproof containers; or upload electronic records to cloud storage from your home or business computer and retrieve them later from any device with internet access. This can be helpful if you are evacuated.

Document valuables and business equipment

Compile a room-by-room list of your belongings or business equipment. Photograph or videotape the contents of your home or business, especially items of high value. Having a visual record of your valuables can provide proof for an insurance claim, and can help to verify losses for state and federal tax purposes.

Get a Game Plan


If you have to leave your home to escape severe weather, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness recommends you bring the following documents with you in a waterproof container:


  • Driver's license or personal identification
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of residence (deed or lease)
  • Insurance policies
  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Stocks, bonds and other negotiable certificates
  • Wills, deeds and copies of recent tax returns


Following a disaster, the Louisiana Department of Revenue will provide information on potential tax deductions or credits, filing extensions and other tax-related relief. Bookmark on your computer or save it to the home screen of your mobile device. Follow @larevenue on Twitter for real-time updates.



Division of Administration: State’s effort to recoup duplicate tax refunds progressing...Continue Reading

BATON ROUGE - As the State of Louisiana continues to recoup more than $26 million in duplicate individual income tax refunds that were erroneously issued as the result of a computer error, taxpayers are being urged not to take any action at this time. The vast majority of the duplicated funds are expected to be recovered electronically. 

“There is no need for the taxpayers to take any action as the state works to recover the overpayment of funds directly from their bank accounts,” Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne said. “With the cooperation of several financial institutions, the process is working.”

A computer error affected direct deposit and debit card refunds processed for payment on Tuesday, March 12. This resulted in those same refunds being duplicated on Wednesday, March 13. The error was identified and the state immediately began the reversal process, as well as implementing procedures to prevent any recurrences.

If the state is unable to recover the refunds directly from the banking institutions, those taxpayers will receive a letter from the Department of Revenue with repayment instructions.

More than 66,700 Louisiana individual income taxpayers received duplicate refunds. The computer system error did not result in any breach of personal taxpayer information.

Additional updates will be available as the reversal process continues. There will be no interruption in the regular processing of returns by the Department of Revenue.


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